DOI: 10.31703/glsr.2023(viii-ii).06 ISSN: 2708-2466

A Comprehensive Study of Blasphemy and Freedom OF Speech in the Light of Islamic Jurisprudence and the Pakistani Legal Perspective: A Critical Analysis

Ahmad Talha, Sohaib Mukhtar, Muhammad Mustafa
  • General Energy

The offence of blasphemy is one that elicits strong feelings. Every time it comes up, it kicks off a highly contentious discussion in Pakistan. Every time a new event takes place in Pakistan, the country's blasphemy laws are thrust into the spotlight. After doing an in-depth investigation into the matter, one discovers that it is a very serious crime, and as a result, strong action needs to be taken against the person responsible for it. The blasphemer is subject to the mandatory death sentence under Islamic law. In a similar way, the legislation of Pakistan calls for the imposition of a fine in addition to the death penalty and life imprisonment. This law has received a great deal of criticism, the most common of which is the assertion that it is used to target and persecute members of minority groups as well as adversaries on the basis of personal grudges. The problem can be solved by enhancing the preliminary stages of the experiments.

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