DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad241.434 ISSN:

92 Closed loop audit: Improving virtual clinic practice in Royal Sussex County Hospital

Hussameldin Mohamed Nour, Mohamed Saleem, Dimitra V Peristeri, Sameh Abogabal, Muhammad S Sajid
  • Surgery



The aim of this study is to assess virtual clinics practice in Royal Sussex County Hospital comparing it to the RCS guidelines as standard as well as improving the current practice.


We undertook two cycles studying twelve consecutive clinics each cycle. These cycles aimed to assess the virtual clinics and comparing them with RCS guidelines using check-lists. A teaching session was conducted between the two cycles. In addition, RCS guidelines were handed over to surgical consultants aiding them in conduction their virtual clinic.


We sampled a total of 444 patients from 24 virtual clinics (first cycle: 216, second cycle 228). Following conduction of teaching sessions and handing over guidelines , there was a significant improvement in some parameters such as obtain consent of the patient for the virtual consultation (from 70% to 100 %), explain what will happen in the virtual appointment and how long it will last (from 30% to 100 %) and If further contact is needed, confirm the patient’s agreement to be contacted remotely and explain how the patient can contact them if they have further questions (from 70% to 100 %). Introduction, history taking, management plan, conclusion and follow-up letter or email to patient and GP were satisfactory in both cycles.


Virtual consultations offer potential tools through which we may still be able to offer care remotely and also identify those patients who need urgent intervention, with proper education sessions Virtual clinic can be conducted safely according to RCS guidelines


First cycle presented in ASGBI 2022.

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