DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.214 ISSN:

907 An Audit of Breast Ultrasonography in Patients Under 35

O Fagbemi, M Khan, S Jafferbhoy, S Marla, S Narayanan, V Gopalan, S Soumian
  • Surgery



Breast Ultrasonography (USS) is a major part of the triple assessment for breast presentations in those under 35 years. Currently, most institutions are running targeted separate U-35 clinics. The aim of this study is to audit the outcome of breast USS in patients under 35 years.


Over a 5-month period, December 2021- May 2022, retrospective data was collected across 3 clinics. In total, 300 patients were analyzed.


The age distribution was as follows: 16-20 years (30), 21-25 years (51), 26-30 years (107), 31-35 years (104). Of the 300 patients, 68% of referrals to clinic were for breast lump (fibroadenoma, cysts and on one occasion papilloma), with the 26-30 age group being the majority at 36%. Half of the patients had USS, with the most common indication being lumps, followed by nodularity at 28%. Other indications for ultrasound included: nipple discharge, palpable nodes, eczema, nipple inversion. The radiological findings were fibroadenoma 21% (32), cysts and abscess with 15% (23) and 2.6% (4) respectively. No cancers identified. Fifty four percent had no identified lesions.


Our studies showed that of those referred for USS, only 46% had a lesion detected. No cancers diagnosed. Thus, these targeted clinics are effective in meeting demand for services. To increase efficiency, it might be a worthy consideration to have even clearer guidelines on ultrasonography specifically for patients under 35 years.

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