DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.388 ISSN:

871 Audit on Compliance and Documentation of GMC Guidelines Regarding the Use of Chaperone During the Intimate Examination

A Singh, J Siby, A Subramanian, G Janakan
  • Surgery



To assess the compliance of GMC guidelines with respect to chaperones during intimate examination and their appropriate documentation.


Analysis of patient notes documented by members of the general surgery department in the surgical assessment unit, or ED, for the month of October 2022.

We checked the patient notes for the following dataset: Chaperone - offered/not offered, name and position of chaperone and signature of chaperone.Area examined – Perineum, Abdomen, Breast or perineum and abdomenGender of patient, doctor and chaperone.Time of the day and place of examination

The data was analyzed (results below). As part of the audit cycle, the results were shared with the department, and education on the seriousness of this issue was discussed. Stickers for chaperones with their name, position, and gender will be attached to the patient notes.


168 patients were reviewed totally. 9/168 (5.3%) – documentation present, 1/9 (11%) had complete documentation. 23 patients had perianal examination – 1 (4.3%) had documentation 141 patients had abdomen examination – 8 (5.6%) had documentation 9/9 (100%) documentation done by male doctors for female patients


We found a lack of adequate documentation for chaperone presence during the examination. It was agreed that chaperone presence was always adhered to, but documentation was lacking. Necessary changes have been initiated, and we are collecting prospective data after the intervention.

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