DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.600 ISSN:

842 Core Surgical Training- Are the Next Generation Prepared?

S Samuels, P Holden
  • Surgery



The application process for core surgical training (CST) is one in which preparation is paramount to success yet knowing where to start can be a major challenge. There is a myriad of papers, books, and online material to read but is this information as good as an interview course. The aim of this project was to assess the demand for courses that support junior doctors applying for core surgical training.


A one-day core surgical training interview course was designed and delivered virtually. Seven faculty members, who were all core surgical trainees, were recruited. The ten candidates recruited were foundation year two or equivalent. The format included lectures and timed practical sessions under the fundamental interview categories: portfolio, clinical and leadership/management. The final station was a mock interview that combined all skills learnt throughout the day. Feedback forms were collected.


Nine out of ten candidates completed the feedback form. 100% rated excellent for the overall course content, the organisation of the course and final mock interview station. 89% rated the portfolio lecture as excellent, the remaining 11% as good. 89% rated the leadership/management lecture as excellent, the remaining 11% as good. 78% rated the clinical lecture as excellent, the remaining 22% as good. Qualitative data collected suggested the course was an excellent example of the interview day. Improvements included having the course earlier to allow for portfolio adjustments.


CST courses are an asset to interview success and better prepares candidates for the CST interview day.

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