DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.229 ISSN:

727 The UK Targeted Lung Cancer Screening Pilot Programme: The Southampton Experience

S Amo-Afful, O Harrison, E Woo
  • Surgery



Performance of the community-based targeted lung cancer screening pilot.


22,829 people between the age of 55 and 75 with a smoking history were invited to attend a one stop assessment inolving a questionnaire-based interview with a nurse, cardio-respiratory observations, and then spirometry. The patient’s risk of developing lung cancer was quantified using the Liverpool Lung Project (LLP) or PLCOm2012. Participants were offered low dose CT-scan (LDCT) if the calculated risk was greater or equal to 2.5% or 1.51% respectively. Pulmonary nodules found was followed up in a protocolised fashion.


As of June 2022, 7754 patients had attended. Of these 4562 (59%) were invited for a follow-up scan and 820 (11%) of the follow-up patients required a second follow-up scan. 1,163 (25%) of the attendees have been referred onward as 2-week lung cancer or other specialities such respiratory and vascular. 117 (1.5%) of screened patients were diagnosed with lung cancer and staged histogically. 83 (73%) of confirmed lung cancer were in stage 1, while 10, 15, and 7 people in stages 2, 3 and 4 respectivey.


Targeted community-based lung cancer screening programme can detect curable early-stage lung cancer at risk groups.

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