DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.577 ISSN:

705 Assessment of a Novel Low-Cost Abdominal Box Simulator for Laparoscopic Skills Training

Y Kulkarni, S Kulkarni, C Bligh, N Redpath, M Sule
  • Surgery



To create a low-cost abdominal box simulator and assess its validity for Hassan’s entry technique and visiport.


A low-cost abdominal box simulator was created using a metal box skeleton. This was covered in a layer of cling-film simulating the peritoneum. Red and blue tubing was placed over this creating the inferior epigastric vessels. A posterior rectus sheath was created on either side using a white cotton sheet whilst thick red woollen socks were used to simulate the rectus abdominus muscles. The entire surface was then wrapped in a thick canvas to simulate the anterior rectus sheath. Finally, a commercial skin with subcutaneous tissue was affixed and the umbilicus demarcated using a pen. This simulator was used by 30 surgical trainees (ST3 to ST7) attending a laparoscopic skills course who were asked to provide feedback on the simulator for both Hassan’s entry technique, visiport entry and the introduction of secondary ports.


The simulator was rated 10/10 for validity as well as ease of use for Hassan’s open entry technique, visiport and secondary port insertion by all 30 of the trainees.

Feedback highlighted that using the simulator trainees were able to see all layers of the abdomen and gain excellent haptic feedback. The model was described as realistic as trainees were able to identify each layer of the abdomen as they performed open or visiport entry.


A low-cost abdominal box simulator can easily be reproduced using our technique and used to train trainees effectively.

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