DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.595 ISSN:

644 Closed Loop Audit: Introducing a Teaching Program and Improving Surgical Teaching in a Major Trauma Centre

H M Nour, G Janakan
  • Surgery



The aim of the project is to introduce a surgical teaching program for surgical registrars/SHO’s/F1’s in a major trauma center and to improve the current teaching practice in Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH).


We undertook two cycles over a period of 6 months. These cycles aimed to assess the teaching practice in RSCH using a questionnaire filled by surgical doctors in the department. Multiple teaching session was conducted including journal clubs, case presentation, practical session and high-fidelity simulation course. Hybrid methods including was used to maximize the numbers attending the sessions from home.


A total of 41 doctors were involved in the study (first cycle: 23, second cycle 18). Following the introduction of multiple teaching sessions, 55.5 % of the doctors think they have enough teaching in comparison to 8.7 % in the first cycle. In addition, there was a high level of satisfaction with the teaching sessions. 44.4% of doctors were unable to attend half of the teaching session due clinical commitments such as being scrubbed or doing the ward rounds.


Regular teaching session can be a great challenge in a busy major trauma centre however, introducing a teaching program can improve the practice and the satisfaction between the surgical trainees. Novel methods need to be used to maximize teaching opportunities such as teams and recorded sessions for viewing at later stage. We also recommended that teaching session to be conducted in the morning before handover and this will ensure that most doctors will be able to attend.

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