DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.122 ISSN:

596 A Local Audit Assessing Completeness of Morbidity and Mortality Records in Vascular Surgery in a Tertiary Centre in the UK

L Le Blevec, T C Tsui, R Makar
  • Surgery



Good Surgical Practice recommends surgeons’ regular participation in morbidity and mortality meetings (M&M) as this hold strong educational value, but most importantly maintain and improve patient care. The Royal College of Surgeons advises that formal records of discussions be kept, however as these vary in quality, their effectiveness and lessons learnt do too. The aim of this audit was to assess and review the completion of the current M&M records used for vascular surgery in a UK tertiary centre.


Data was collected retrospectively from five M&M meetings which took place in 2022, identifying thirty-four PowerPoint presentations to review (each corresponding to one case presentation). We noted presence of patient hospital number, as well as documentation of any information in each of the five sections (‘discussion’, ‘action’, ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘attending consultants’) on the ‘discussion’ slide using a binary scale (0 = no information, 1 = any information).


None of the records included patient hospital number. Only 20.6% had five out of five sections complete with the least section filled being ‘when’ or time scale for action plan (29.4%) followed by ‘attending consultants’ (41.2%). 29.4% had no record of any discussion being carried out. 35.2% showed no record of an action plan and 47.0% had no responsible person to action the aforementioned plan.


Poor record-keeping during M&M is apparent. Following presentation at the local governance meeting, we will collaborate with the team to create a more effective way of recording discussion, ultimately to maximise learning outcomes.

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