DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.265 ISSN:

569 Resection of Massive Pelvic Chondrosarcoma Using Custom Made 3D Printed Jig: A Case Report

C Cohen, N Chandrashekara, S Hindiskere, P S Chinder
  • Surgery



The pelvis is a complex structure associated with major neurovascular structures and so pelvic surgery can be challenging. In the field of skeletal tumours, the surgeon's main aim is to achieve adequate margins, which modern 3D printed technology can assist with.


A 43-year-old man was found to have a 20(CC) x 13(AO) x 9.3(TR) cm chondrasarcoma at the inner aspect of the right iliac bone. The patient was consented for right sided type 1 hemipelvectomy and tumour resection using customised 3D Printed Jig. A 64-slice spiral CT pelvis was transferred to an image processing software (Materialise Mimics 21.0 and Materialise 3 Matic 13.0) to generate a 3D model. The Jig was printed by the FDM machine in ABS material and sterilised. Incision was made through standard ilioinguinal approach and tumour was visualised. Soft tissue was dissected over the posterior aspect of the Ilium for the placement of the jig and then fixed with k wire, following which osteotomy was done.


Postoperatively the patient had no complications. At final follow up of 4 years, the patient was independently ambulant. Post op x-ray showed no signs of tumour recurrence at the operated site.


This case highlights the importance of preoperative planning and the use of modern technology in surgical resection. Customised 3D printed jigs help surgeons achieve good resections with R0 margins.

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