DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.513 ISSN:

554 One Stop Flexible Cystoscopy; Impact of COVID-19

A E Corrigan, S Jauhari, J Frater, I Ahmed
  • Surgery



Due to the COVID-19, there has been a decrease in patient access to flexible cystoscopy within urology and an increase in telemedicine to assist with patient contact and care. It is pertinent to consider the impact of the pandemic on the patient experience, satisfaction, and awareness of services alongside clinical delays.


The aim was to assess degree of patient satisfaction across East Kent University Hospital Trust and illicit the prevalence of patient education across the cohort. The secondary aim was to report distribution of referral time as well as timings of CT/USS scans across the cohort.


A retrospective analysis of hospital appointments from March-October 2020 and telephone surveying of the patient population was conducted. A 14-question survey was created to consider patient-reported outcomes and experiences.


539 flexible cystoscopy appointments took place from March-October 2020. From these, 44.4% of CT/USS scans were done after the flexible cystoscopy, rather than before (16.40%). 76% of referral times took under 14 days. Patient satisfaction remained high, 60% and 27% reported feeling very satisfied and satisfied, respectively, with the service. However, 47.1% of the cohort did not completely understand the plan after discharge.


While patient experience appears to have remained positive despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant impact on secondary investigation timings and patient education. There is a need to consider the clinical implications of delayed imaging and consider methods to improve patient care and information after discharge. QIPs are underway to address issues raised.

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