DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.499 ISSN:

342 Procedure Room Lists for Core Trainees

A Burrows, R Singh, J Read
  • Surgery



To reduce the waiting list times for local anaesthetic (LA) “lumps and bumps” in our trust and simultaneously increase our junior surgical trainees’ logbook numbers and confidence; by piloting a trainee led procedure room list during covid recovery.


Clinic letters for the 49 patients on the waiting list were vetted for appropriate cases by the firm core trainee (CT) and registrar. The CT liaised with supervising colleagues, admissions, and management to plan and complete ad hoc “procedure room” lists in free slots of the existing theatre timetable.


From 08/09/22 to 01/12/22 (12 weeks), 27 procedures were completed by junior surgical trainees over seven sessions. The trust’s waiting list for benign local anaesthetic procedures decreased from 49 weeks to 1 week. Trainee logbook numbers for these procedures increased nearly 20-fold compared to similar 12-week periods earlier in training. Comparison in confidence levels of the trainees, as assessed by a questionnaire, increased markedly from the beginning to the end of the project, in suturing, diathermy, and excision of benign subcutaneous lesions. There were no complaints or adverse events.


This quality improvement project was led from inception to completion by surgical trainees and played a significant part in the trust’s COVID recovery. Trainee delivered “lumps and bumps” lists can be introduced safely within the envelope of existing resources and can lead to improved trainee operative numbers and confidence. We are working to create a formal pathway for these patients and embed this into the local core training curriculum.

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