DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad241.479 ISSN:

319 Diverticular disease of the appendix: an unusual presentation (Case report)

Ishtiyaq Bukhari, Abdulqudus Deeknah, Soumendu Ghosh, Maria Yiannikouride, Vladimir Nichita, Maram Alaghbari
  • Surgery



Appendiceal diverticular disease is not a common consideration in the diagnosis of patients presenting with atypical right lower abdominal pain. This should be considered due to a potential increased risk of perforation and appendiceal neoplasm. Furthermore there is anecdotal evidence to suggest prophylactic appendicectomy for incidental findings of appendiceal diverticular disease can prevent future complications.

Case presentation

We describe the unusual case of a 42 year old male patient presenting with intermittent recurrent right iliac fossa pain who was found to have an appendiceal mass on diagnostic laparoscopy. Following radiological imaging, colonoscopy, multidisciplinary team (MDT) discussion and proceeding to laparoscopic appendicectomy, was found to have appendiceal diverticular disease on histology.


Diverticulitis of the vermiform appendix is a rare but possible diagnosis and should be considered when dealing with recurrent right iliac fossa pain in middle aged population.

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