DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.573 ISSN:

283 The Impact of Augmented Reality Laparoscopic Simulator in Improving Performance Metrics in General Surgical Trainees

M El-Bahnasawi, D Rawaf, E Street, P Luthra
  • Surgery



To assess the impact of simulated laparoscopic trainers on improving surgical trainees’ technical ability in completing a laparoscopic appendicectomy by measuring effect on completion time and distance travelled with standard instruments.


Six CT1 (early-stage) trainees with little prior operative exposure were selected from the North-West of England Deanery to perform x10 appendicectomy simulated exercises with the Augmented Reality Laparoscopic Simulator (LapAR™), interspersed by x3 Lapass exercises. Metrics including ‘Time of completion’ and ‘Distance travelled’ were collected by the simulators and analysed.


Repeated laparoscopic appendicectomies with the LapAR™ improved performance time for 100% of trainees, with an average of 55% (Regression coefficient -0.65) and improved distance travelled for 75% of the trainees with an average improvement of 39% (Coefficient -2.67). Improvement in instrument smoothness, acceleration and ambidexterity were also observed.


LapAR™ use has improved all performance metrics for most surgical trainees and proves to be an invaluable tool for surgical training.

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