DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad241.426 ISSN:

28 ‘’Junior doctor confidence in conducting and documenting microbiology ward rounds on neurosurgical wards: A single centre study’’

Sahar Shams
  • Surgery



This study aims to analyse junior doctors’ confidence in conducting and safely documenting microbiology rounds, across two neurosurgical wards in a large tertiary hospital. It also aims to make locating microbiological plans easier and in doing so identity potential areas for improvement.


Initial feedback from junior doctors (n=12) on their confidence conducting and safely documenting the discussions from the microbiology round was received through a survey sent out. Subsequent documentation guidance was provided and developed using the ‘Start Smart, Then Focus’ antimicrobial stewardship toolkit set out by Public Health England. The initial survey along with two further questions was used to reassess confidence after 2 weeks of implementing the guidance.


There was a 37% increase in confidence with 91.7% of doctors rating their confidence at 5 on the 5-point Likert scale after implementation of the guidance. The guidance was well received and found to be helpful by 100% of respondents. Improvements were seen as there was a 75% increase in responses saying ‘Yes’ it was easy to locate entries. The responses from the qualitative questions identified time restraints as the main theme in determining (1) overall difficulty of the microbiology round (2) ability to document effectively and (3) barriers to using the guidance.


Although there was an increase in confidence in the junior doctors’ ability to conduct and document the microbiology round well the data suggests improvements are required. Recommended improvements include setting dedicated time for all staff to conduct the round and enhancing senior support available.

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