DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad241.449 ISSN:

178 Damage Control Surgery in Severe Ballistic Trauma

Abdelhak Lamara
  • Surgery



Severe ballistic lesions are the cause of hemodynamic disorders and early coagulopathy causing a high mortality rate, their management needs to be adapted to each situation.

Materials & Methods

This retrospective study aims to evaluate the feasibility and outcomes of abbreviated laparotomy and early re-exploration. It includes patients suffering from severe ballistic injuries who had to undergo a Damage Control Surgery (DCS) due to a high severity trauma score. Moreover, morbidity and mortality rates were analysed.


The sample included 73 male patients with an average age of 31years.

Most patients suffered from haemorrhagic shock 74%, respiratory distress 40%, and peritoneal contamination 63%. The severity score was 64. After (DCS), the re-exploration was impossible in certain cases. The mortality rate was 28, 8%.


Abbreviated laparotomy and DCS are effective practices for stabilizing victims of gunshot and maintaining the function and integrity of the organism.

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