DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.711 ISSN:

145 Patient Experience of Bladder Outlet Surgery During Covid-19 in a District General Hospital

S Maniarasu, D P McNicholas, R Mistry
  • Surgery



During the pandemic, bladder outlet surgeries (TURP,Urolift,Rezum) were delayed. Operations were prioritised (P2<1month, P3<3months, P4>3months). We wanted to find out patient’s experience due to this.


Patients identified who had surgery and on waiting list between January 2020 and June 2021. A questionnaire was designed to identify patient's experience and whether they felt their operation was delayed, if received correspondence about delays, if aware of the waiting-list grading, if attended GP/ED with issues, if felt their outcome affected by delays, listed P-grading, duration waited for operation, and overall satisfaction.


56 patients were identified. 50% delayed. In delayed sub-group, 45% did not feel their operation was delayed. 82% delayed received information from the hospital. 70% knew about the grading system in place according to clinical urgency. In delayed sub-group, 41% felt their operation would be more difficult or less likely to be successful compared to 15% in non-delayed sub-group. 43% who were delayed attended GP/ED with issues compared to 9% in non-delayed group. 84% were happy or very happy (Likert4/5) with their experience.


Large numbers of BOO procedures were delayed due to the pandemic. Many patients aware of the waiting list grading system and understanding of the pressures on the NHS. There was good communication between the hospital to inform patients of their delays thus most patients were happy with the service they received, despite being delayed. Delays leads to significantly higher attendances to GP/ED and patients feel their operation is more likely to be difficult or unsuccessful.

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