DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.239 ISSN:

132 Pseudoaneurysm of the Facial Artery After Tonsillectomy Managed with Endovascular Coiling: A Case Report

D Khanal
  • Surgery



We present a case of pseudoaneurysm of the facial artery after tonsillectomy managed with successful endovascular coiling.

Presentation of Case

41-year-old lady presented with a history of throat pain and 3 episodes of hematemesis on the 3rd, 4th, and 7th postoperative days after tonsillectomy and styloidectomy. She had undergone the operation 20 days back. Neurological examination was normal. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan of the neck showed – contrast-filled dilatation of a branch of the right facial artery in the right palatine tonsillar fossa within the operative bed – likely pseudoaneurysm which was managed endovascularly. The patient recovered fully after treatment.


Tonsillectomy can have various complications among which one is the pseudoaneurysm of the facial artery which can be managed with coiling in the catheterization laboratory.


Pseudoaneurysm of the facial artery is a rare complication of tonsillectomy. Endovascular treatment of a pseudo aneurysm can be done.

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