DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.486 ISSN:

1288 Animated Patient Information Videos to Enhance Understanding of Free Functional Muscle Transfer Surgery for Dynamic Treatment of Facial Palsy

S Brown, C Zubler, Di Ressis, A Grobbelaar
  • Surgery



Facial palsy affects approximately 25-30 per 100,000 people a year causing physical and psychological symptoms including facial asymmetry, a lack of facial expression, oral incompetence, difficulties in articulation and reduced quality of life. The treatment of choice for many patients is free functional muscle transfer (FFMT), a highly complex surgery. Due to the complexity, patients’ ability to understand and retain information during traditional consultations poses a barrier to truly informed consent. Our study aims to utilise animated patient videos and integrated messaging platform to improve patients’ understanding of FFMT surgery, its potential complications, and recovery period.


We developed a new electronic adjunct for patients undergoing FFMT surgery to complement the traditional consent process. The platform employs narrated animations and secure integrated messaging service for patients to directly communicate with their surgeon. A multilingual narrative script, suitable for all ages, complements the animations outlining the details of FFMT surgery in multiple subcategories including scar placement, wound care and signs to identify complications.


We will present a series of patient information videos from 7 subcategories covering all portions of FFMT surgery, demonstrate the ease of use of the messaging platform and summarise the feedback collected.


We have successfully developed an electronic patient information platform to support the traditional informed consent process for FFMT as a treatment of facial palsy which increases patients’ understanding and engagement. Patients can review every step of their journey, from first entering the hospital until the end of rehabilitation, at their own pace, and as frequently as required.

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