DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.376 ISSN:

1225 Retrospective Study of Emergency Right Hemicolectomies at a Tertiary UK Centre

A Subramanian, A Singh, J Siby, C Swaminathan
  • Surgery



To assess the efficacy and complication rates of emergency right hemicolectomies conducted at a tertiary UK Hospital.


Study type: Retrospective data analysis. Study period: 2016-2021.

Inclusion criteria

All cases requiring an emergency right hemicolectomy performed by an individual surgeon (To eliminate surgeon bias).

Exclusion criteria

Elective resections and cases involving open conversion.

Parameters checked included demographics, duration from admission to theatre, duration of hospital stay and complications. These results were compared to known standards available in indexed journals.


A total of 48 patients were studied, of which 29 were male and 19 were female. The mean age was 63.41 years. Mean duration of stay was 15.14 days. 26(54.2%) patients were discharged in under 10 days.

The most common diagnosis was adenocarcinoma of the colon (23- 47.9%)- mostly presentling as large bowel obstruction. The second most common diagnosis was ileo-caecal Crohns(8-16.6%) presenting either as stricturing disease or as an abscess. 20 patients were taken to theatre within 48 hours of admission(41.66%) of which 2 were taken back to theatre ( for anastamotic leak and post-operative adhesions ).7 had major complications(35%) commonest being pneumonia(20%). 4 developed post op ileus (20%).No deaths. 28 patients were taken to theatre after 48 hours of admission. One returned to theatres (anastamotic leak). 3 deaths (10.7%,6.2% overall) were noted. Pneumonia was noted in 7 patients (25%).


Mortality and morbidity results were comparable to acceptable levels in the literature. Early mobilisation especially in diagnostic dilemmas leads to lower mortality and morbidity.

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