DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.541 ISSN:

1141 Good Medical Practice: Patient's Right to the Information - an Audit of the Patient's Understanding and Satisfaction with the Information Provided to the Patients with Acute Pancreatitis

Z Jamal, N Zafar, Z Khawaja, I Haider, N Adnan
  • Surgery



The aim of this audit was to find out if adequate information regarding acute pancreatitis as per the NICE guidelines was being provided to the patients and their family members and to assess patients’ satisfaction in terms of the provided information.


30 patients were admitted in the department of general surgery with acute pancreatitis were provided with a questionnaire containing 10 questions asking about the information provided to them about their condition by healthcare professionals.


Overall, 60% of the patients were not satisfied with the information provided. None of the patients were provided written information and more than 90% were not explained condition with the help of a diagram. The other areas where the patients were not provided information were investigations done (40%), treatment (60%), provision of verbal information (26%), and alcohol as the potential cause of the condition (27%).


This audit emphasized the need of a proper explanation of acute pancreatitis to the patients and their family members. It was also found that no leaflets were available for the patients. Results were shared in the surgical team group and a leaflet has been designed and distributed to every patient with acute pancreatitis.

Second Cycle

After the introduction of the leaflet, improvement has been seen in almost all the areas of the information provided to the patients. Overall, satisfaction has improved from 60% to 92% in the patients admitted with acute pancreatitis.

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