DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.182 ISSN:

1120 Time to Revascularisation for Chronic Limb Threatening Ischaemia – Audit of a Major UK Vascular Service

J Shea, I Ko, S Onida, R Boyce, A Mohamed, J Shalhoub
  • Surgery



Chronic Limb Threatening Ischaemia (CLTI) is severe peripheral arterial disease where arterial supply is sufficiently compromised to threaten tissue viability. CLTI has a prevalence of 1-2% and carries significant morbidity and mortality. Early revascularisation is essential for tissue preservation. Recent guidance from CQUIN 2022/23 set national targets for time to revascularisation based on VSGBI guidelines. This audit assessed one major vascular centre’s compliance.


Audit standards were taken from VSGBI Peripheral Arterial Disease Quality Improvement Framework (PAD-QIF 2019). Data from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust was collected from February-April 2022 for inpatients and outpatients presenting with new CLTI. The primary outcome was time to revascularisation from referral. Secondary inpatient outcomes included time to referral, specialist reviews, imaging and discussion at MDT.


59 inpatients and 33 outpatients were included. 54% of inpatients and 83% of outpatients who were candidates for revascularisation breached targets: 5 days and 14 days respectively. Of those breaching most inpatients were re-vascularised within 6-10 days; whilst for outpatients the majority were re-vascularised within 46-75 days. At the time of data collection 7 outpatients were awaiting revascularisation, all >5 months since CLTI onset.


A significant portion of patients are breaching revascularisation targets, increasing risk of poor outcomes. In both pathways delays are multi-factorial. Contributing factors for inpatients include delays in pre-surgery optimisation and bed/theatre slot pressures. For outpatients’ pre-assessment, surgical optimisation, MDT discussion and/or investigations all contribute to delays. Implementation of early anaesthetic optimisation or outpatient one-stop clinics could be considered.

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