DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad258.612 ISSN:

1113 How Healthy Are Core Surgical Trainees in the East of England Deanery?

A Ramjeeawon, C Edwards
  • Surgery



To understand whether core surgical trainees (CSTs) adhere to nationally issued guidance on health behaviours (government, NHS) and whether poor health behaviours are related to the demands of being a CST.


An anonymised electronic questionnaire addressing five health behaviour domains (exercise, diet, smoking, alcohol, and sleep) and stress was distributed to all CSTs within one UK deanery.


29 (29%) CSTs responded. 17% exercised ≥4 times per week, 31% exercised ≥150 minutes per week. 7% stated they smoked, of those 50% stated that their smoking increased during CST. 0% reported drinking ≥14 units of alcohol per week. 34% stated they slept ≥7 hours each night, 93% stated they sleep less since becoming a CST. 24% stated they ate ≥5 portions of fruit/vegetables each day, 59% stated they ate a balanced diet, and 17% stated they drank ≥7 cups of fluid per day. 31% of responders stated they drank ≥150ml of sugary drinks and ≥3 cups of caffeinated drinks per day. 52% of CSTs experienced symptoms of stress ≥3-4 times per week. 90% of CSTs felt more stressed than prior to becoming a CST. The demands of being a CST was the most frequently attributed reason to poor health behaviours across all domains.


CSTs in this region generally have poor health behaviours with regards to sleep, diet and exercise, but not alcohol and smoking. Health promoting behaviours should be encouraged amongst CSTs to promote long-term quality of life, career longevity and improved mental health.

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