DOI: 10.1177/15570851231220102 ISSN: 1557-0851

“We All Have Power”: Using Photovoice to Document Challenges and Strengths of Lakota Women With Histories of Incarceration

Katie M. Edwards, Emily E. Camp, Tiffani N. Luethke, Ramona Herrington, LaVonne Roach, Maggie Bertsche, Preciouse Trujillo, India Rose Carter-Bolick, Natira Mullet, Diana Than
  • Law
  • Gender Studies

Results from a photovoice study with 13 Lakota women found that there were numerous barriers (e.g., finding stable housing, finding a job) to reintegration following incarceration and that trauma, grief, and loss were identified as prominent challenges throughout attempts at reintegration. Despite tremendous aversities, Lakota women identified their ability to connect with people, nature, and culture as key sources of their strength and resilience. This research highlights the urgent need for comprehensive, culturally grounded, strengths-focused initiatives as well as structural policy change that will support Lakota and other Indigenous women’s reintegration into their communities.

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