DOI: 10.1093/police/paad083 ISSN: 1752-4512

Integrating body-worn cameras, drones, and AI: A framework for enhancing police readiness and response

Amanda Davies, Ghaleb Krame
  • Law


The combined use of body-worn cameras (BWCs), drones, and artificial intelligence (AI) within the context of policing represents a significant advancement in policing methodology. This article presents a comprehensive framework for (a) the integrated use of these technologies to promote real-time situational awareness, heightened evidence collection, enhanced officer and public safety, improved operational efficiency, cognizant of compliance with ethical and privacy standards; and (b) an evaluation approach to the combined technology application. Illustration of the framework application to historical high-profile events presents a unique lens to assess potential outcomes and advantages, fostering and informing on a comprehensive discussion on future policing policies. This examination aims to offer a practical approach for implementing a synergistic BWCs, drones, and AI framework to leverage policing initiatives.

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