DOI: 10.1177/10784535231216462 ISSN: 1078-4535

Utilizing Simulation to Address Structural Racism in the Health-Care System

Susan L. Huehn
  • General Nursing

Aim: To fill the gap in research that historically has been limited by focusing on the health problems experienced by people of color. Method: A simulation exercise was developed for senior pre-licensure nursing students in their senior year of a pre-licensure nursing program at a Midwest liberal arts college to intervene when a health-care provider in the hospital acted in an oppressive manner toward a client. Results: Qualitative findings suggest the value of addressing structural racism during a simulated learning experience to facilitate an understanding of the extent of racism inherent in the health-care system and biases that can be perpetuated by health-care providers. Conclusions and Implication for Practice: This simulation on the topic of implicit bias and racism in the health-care system provided an opportunity to open and deepen important conversations about equity, belonging, and justice. Additional work is needed in training professional nurses to lead meaningful change in dealing with the current inequities in our health-care system.

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