DOI: 10.2478/pielxxiw-2021-0031 ISSN: 2450-646X

The Dedicated Education Units model in the practical education of midwifery students

Małgorzata Stefaniak, Ewa Dmoch-Gajzlerska
  • General Nursing
  • General Nursing


Aim. Identifying hindering and facilitating factors of introducing Dedicated Education Unit model in the process of midwifery students education at Medical University of Warsaw. Furthermore, to describe the experiences of project participants involved in the implementation and evaluation of Dedicated Education Units in Poland.

Material and methods. Six participants, who implemented the project of introducing DEU into practice classes at midwife course at Medical University of Warsaw, has taken part in qualitative descriptive research with focus groups. Four main questions have been chosen for the focus group. Data has been interpreted using thematic analysis.

Results. No obstacles preventing from implementing Dedicated Education Units model have been noticed. Among problems with implementing the following were mentioned: lack of awareness of the point of this model among midwives, time-consuming nature/overloaded mentors, lack of extra payment for being a mentor, underappreciation of a mentor in the working environment. Factors, which ease the implementation, were considered the following: cooperation, including concentration on common aims, good communication, proper organisation of the classes and creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Conclusions. The Dedicated Education Units enables students to broaden and develop their practical skills in an exceptional way in safe and supporting educational environment. Using this model in practical education is one of the key elements in improving the quality of practical education for midwifery students.

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