DOI: 10.1029/2023gl104829 ISSN:

Typical Synoptic Patterns Responsible for Summer Regional Hourly Extreme Precipitation Events Over the Middle and Lower Yangtze River Basin, China

Jingwen Zeng, Anning Huang, Peili Wu, Danqing Huang, Yan Zhang, Jian Tang, Dajun Zhao, Ben Yang, Shuang Chen
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Geophysics


Based on the hourly rainfall gauge data and ERA5 reanalysis for the period 1980–2020, typical synoptic patterns responsible for summer regional hourly extreme precipitation events (RHEPE) over the middle and lower Yangtze River basin have been objectively identified using a circulation clustering method. It is found that the Meiyu front with different locations and intensities imbedded in the East Asian summer monsoon, and landfalling typhoons are the leading contributors. As the dominant synoptic pattern, the Meiyu front pattern is associated with ∼92% of the total RHEPE occurrence and can be categorized into a southerly strong‐Meiyu type and a northerly weak‐Meiyu type. The RHEPE occurrence shows a predominant morning peak associated with the southerly strong‐Meiyu type and a secondary late afternoon peak related to the northerly weak‐Meiyu type, in which the Meiyu front is pushed northward by the strengthened western North Pacific subtropical high accompanied by accelerated low‐level southwesterly flow.

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