DOI: 10.1029/2023gl104578 ISSN:

Quantifying the Rightward Bias Extent of Tropical Cyclones' Cold Wakes

Zhanhong Ma, Xinyue Yan, Jianfang Fei
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Geophysics


Although the cold wake of tropical cyclones (TCs) is recognized to be typically rightward biased relative to TC track (in the North Hemisphere), it remains unclear to what extent the rightward bias should be for specified TCs. Based on numerical simulations and observational statistics, this study shows that the distance of cold wake rightward bias is closely related to latitude, translation speed and radius of maximum wind (RMW) of a TC, but is independent from maximum surface wind and radial wind profile outside the RMW, namely TC intensity and size. A semi‐empirical equation is derived to represent the rightward bias extent of cold wakes. For TCs with slower translation speed, smaller RMW, or at higher latitudes, the cold wakes are less asymmetric relative to the TC track. Atmospheric simulations also show that the TC tends to be weaker and more asymmetric as the cold wake is closer to TC center.

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