DOI: 10.1093/police/paae021 ISSN: 1752-4512

The policewoman: A tale of recruitment, retention, and experiences at nine agencies

Sherry Lynn Skaggs, Kisha Hardwick, Lauren Montgomery, Chris Harris
  • Law


Since the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, TN, and others at the hands of police officers across the country, there has been a growing movement to defund police across the United States. In addition to this movement, police agencies have faced rapidly declining application pools. Fewer applicants, combined with retention issues faced by many departments, have caused staffing issues and led to many cultural impacts within the departments. Among these issues, one noticeable concern has been the ability to recruit and retain female. Through an analysis of interviews with female law enforcement personnel, this study examines problems faced with recruitment of new female officers, retention of veteran female officers, and experiences of women within nine police departments in a southern U.S. state.

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