DOI: 10.1093/police/paae017 ISSN: 1752-4512

Rails and responsibilities: Perspectives of railroad police officers in China

Haoran Xu
  • Law


In policing practices, railway policing has an essential role to ensure the public security of extensive railway network. However, limited attention has been given to understanding the perspectives of police officers involved in this specialized field. This study aims to fill this gap by exploring the perspectives of railway police officers. Through in-depth interviews with 31 railway police officers from different regions, this research examines their experiences, challenges, and perceptions regarding their roles and responsibilities. The findings reveal that conflicts of interest within the railway police department pose potential risks to its internal cohesion. These officers used different strategies for response to violent attacks in ordinary and high-speed trains, highlighted instances of avoidance of duties due to internal conflicts, suggesting deficiencies in the evaluation mechanism employed. This study not only contributes to our understanding of railway policing in China but also provides insights for global railway policing and criminal investigation coordination.

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