DOI: 10.1063/5.0159633 ISSN: 0034-6748

The numerical simulation of a four-stage linear transformer driver module based on the Preisach magnetic core model

Zhenbo Wan, Weidong Ding, Fengju Sun, Xiwen Zhang, Qi Yuan
  • Instrumentation

The use of linear transformer drivers (LTDs) is widely considered the most promising technological approach for the development of future pulsed-power accelerators. In large-scale pulsed-power accelerators, abnormal conditions like switch prefire can occur frequently during tests and normal operations due to the presence of a large number of switches. The diagnosis of such faults based on signature waveforms requires further investigation. According to previous research, the characteristics of the magnetic cores greatly influence the fault waveforms. In this paper, a full-cycle mathematical model of the magnetic core is established utilizing a classical Preisach model based on experimental results. This model is coupled with the LTD circuit model in simulations, and simulation results are obtained under the condition of switch prefire. The simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results from a four-stage LTD module with a sharing shell and de-ionized water insulated transmission line. The magnetization process of the cores is also determined under prefire conditions. Analyses of the magnetization process indicate that the completely demagnetized core shows high permeability under positive excitation and that the permeability abruptly decreases as the excitation is reversed. The hysteresis characteristics result in a phenomenon in which the output voltage in the prefired stage is almost unipolar. Finally, the features of the fault voltages captured in the experiments are also explained.

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