DOI: 10.1063/5.0157390 ISSN: 0034-6748

High repetition rate relativistic laser–solid–plasma interaction platform featuring simultaneous particle and radiation detection

Jaismeen Kaur, Marie Ouillé, Dan Levy, Louis Daniault, Axel Robbes, Neil Zaïm, Alessandro Flacco, Eyal Kroupp, Victor Malka, Stefan Haessler, Rodrigo Lopez-Martens
  • Instrumentation

We report on a uniquely designed high repetition rate relativistic laser–solid–plasma interaction platform, featuring the first simultaneous measurement of emitted high-order harmonics, relativistic electrons, and low divergence proton beams. This versatile setup enables detailed parametric studies of the particle and radiation spatio-spectral beam properties under a wide range of controlled interaction conditions, such as pulse duration and plasma density gradient. Its array of complementary diagnostics unlocks the potential to unravel interdependencies among the observables and should aid in further understanding the complex collective dynamics at play during laser–plasma interactions and in optimizing the secondary beam properties for applications.

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