DOI: 10.1785/0120230182 ISSN: 0037-1106

The 2022 Aotearoa New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model: Process, Overview, and Results

Matthew C. Gerstenberger, Sanjay Bora, Brendon A. Bradley, Chris DiCaprio, Anna Kaiser, Elena F. Manea, Andy Nicol, Chris Rollins, Mark W. Stirling, Kiran K. S. Thingbaijam, Russ J. Van Dissen, Elizabeth R. Abbott, Gail M. Atkinson, Chris Chamberlain, Annemarie Christophersen, Kate Clark, Genevieve L. Coffey, Chris A. de la Torre, Susan M. Ellis, Jeff Fraser, Kenny Graham, Jonathan Griffin, Ian J. Hamling, Matt P. Hill, A. Howell, Anne Hulsey, Jessie Hutchinson, Pablo Iturrieta, Kaj M. Johnson, V. Oakley Jurgens, Rachel Kirkman, Rob M. Langridge, Robin L. Lee, Nicola J. Litchfield, Jeremy Maurer, Kevin R. Milner, Sepi Rastin, Mark S. Rattenbury, David A. Rhoades, John Ristau, Danijel Schorlemmer, Hannu Seebeck, Bruce E. Shaw, Peter J. Stafford, Andrew C. Stolte, John Townend, Pilar Villamor, Laura M. Wallace, Graeme Weatherill, Charles A. Williams, Liam M. Wotherspoon
  • Geochemistry and Petrology
  • Geophysics


The 2022 revision of Aotearoa New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model (NZ NSHM 2022) has involved significant revision of all datasets and model components. In this article, we present a subset of many results from the model as well as an overview of the governance, scientific, and review processes followed by the NZ NSHM team. The calculated hazard from the NZ NSHM 2022 has increased for most of New Zealand when compared with the previous models. The NZ NSHM 2022 models and results are available online.

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