DOI: 10.1002/cite.202300107 ISSN: 0009-286X

Technology Development for the Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons in Liquid Metal

Leonid Stoppel, Benjamin Dietrich, Ines Duran, Christoph Hofberger, Ralf Krumholz, Neele Uhlenbruck, Thomas Wetzel
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • General Chemistry


This article describes the development of a new technology based on the application of liquid metal and aims to produce hydrogen by decarbonization (pyrolysis process) of both natural and artificially synthesized hydrocarbons. When biogas with a sufficiently high carbon dioxide content is used as a feedstock, or by the targeted addition of CO2 to methane, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide (synthesis gas) can be produced. Furthermore, the paper describes another very interesting application of the technology to create negative emissions. In this scenario, the processes direct air capture, methanation, electrolysis and methane pyrolysis are combined to synthesize solid carbon from atmospheric CO2. The broad range of process options investigated indicates that, when the technology is scaled up to industrial scale, the result will be a process that is flexible in both the use of reactants and the resulting products.

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