DOI: 10.1177/03000605231214065 ISSN: 0300-0605

Structure–activity relationships and interindividual variability of drug responses: pharmacogenomics with antimicrobial drugs as a paradigm

Romany H. Thabet, Bayan Osama Shehadeh Alshar, Doaa Habes Saleh Alabdallah, Nour Alhuda Zaid Ahmad Alhmoud, Sondos Taher Abdalsalam Alslameen, Youssef Romany Helmy Thabet
  • Biochemistry (medical)
  • Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • General Medicine

Adverse drug reactions represent a major health burden because they cause notable patient morbidity and mortality. From this viewpoint, several strategies have been developed to prevent or reduce adverse drug reactions. One such strategy is the use of pharmacogenomics. Interindividual variability in drug response and adverse effects is mainly attributable to genetic variation in enzymes such as sulfotransferases and cytochrome P450s. The current narrative review discusses the relationship between the structure and activity of drugs. Specifically, the activity of drugs can be increased and/or their adverse effects can be reduced by altering specific positions in their structures.

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