DOI: 10.14778/3611479.3611515 ISSN:

SlabCity: Whole-Query Optimization Using Program Synthesis

Rui Dong, Jie Liu, Yuxuan Zhu, Cong Yan, Barzan Mozafari, Xinyu Wang
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Water Science and Technology
  • Geography, Planning and Development

Query rewriting is often a prerequisite for effective query optimization, particularly for poorly-written queries. Prior work on query rewriting has relied on a set of "rules" based on syntactic pattern-matching. Whether relying on manual rules or auto-generated ones, rule-based query rewriters are inherently limited in their ability to handle new query patterns. Their success is limited by the quality and quantity of the rules provided to them.

To our knowledge, we present the first synthesis-based query rewriting technique, SlabCity, capable of whole-query optimization without relying on any rewrite rules. SlabCity directly searches the space of SQL queries using a novel query synthesis algorithm that leverages a new concept called query dataflows. We evaluate SlabCity on four workloads, including a newly curated benchmark with more than 1000 real-life queries. We show that not only can SlabCity optimize more queries than state-of-the-art query rewriting techniques, but interestingly, it also leads to queries that are significantly faster than those generated by rule-based systems.

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