DOI: 10.1002/elps.202300021 ISSN:

Separation mixed semen of two individuals using magnetic beads coupled ABH blood group antibody

Jun Yao, Atif Adnan, Hong‐bo Wang
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry


In sexual assault cases, one of the most common samples collected is a mixed semen stain, which is often found on the vagina, female underwear, or bed sheets. However, it is usually difficult to identify the perpetrator based on this sample alone. One technique that has been developed to address this issue is magnetic bead‐based separation. This method involves using modified magnetic microspheres to capture and enrich specific target cells, in this case, sperm cells. In this study, we utilized magnetic beads coupled with ABH blood group antibody to isolate sperm cells from an individual of a single ABO blood type. Subsequently, polymerase chain reaction amplification and capillary electrophoresis were employed to perform the genotyping the short tandem repeat (STR) loci. This approach allows for the identification of different individuals in a mixed seminal stain sample from two individuals, by first separating sperm cells based on ABH antigen differences and subsequently utilizing autosomal STR typing on the enriched single blood group cells.

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