DOI: 10.1515/hsz-2023-0235 ISSN:

Nanoscale organization of CaV2.1 splice isoforms at presynaptic terminals: implications for synaptic vesicle release and synaptic facilitation

Lorenzo A. Cingolani, Agnes Thalhammer, Fanny Jaudon, Jessica Muià, Gabriele Baj
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biochemistry


The distance between CaV2.1 voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and the Ca2+ sensor responsible for vesicle release at presynaptic terminals is critical for determining synaptic strength. Yet, the molecular mechanisms responsible for a loose coupling configuration of CaV2.1 in certain synapses or developmental periods and a tight one in others remain unknown. Here, we examine the nanoscale organization of two CaV2.1 splice isoforms (CaV2.1[EFa] and CaV2.1[EFb]) at presynaptic terminals by superresolution structured illumination microscopy. We find that CaV2.1[EFa] is more tightly co-localized with presynaptic markers than CaV2.1[EFb], suggesting that alternative splicing plays a crucial role in the synaptic organization of CaV2.1 channels.

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