DOI: 10.1055/s-0043-1778213 ISSN: 0970-0358

Scrotal Flap for Hypospadias Urethroplasty Fistulae

Dr. Rajinder Singh
  • Surgery


Sixteen patients having nineteen fistulie following urcthroplasty in hypospadias are described.

The repair of fistulae at various penile sites have been donc by the transposition scrotal flap in single stage. The procedure has been detailed.

The advantages of this method are that it provides additional skin and the suture lines of the two layers do not overlap each other. Therefore, it is a principally sound single stage procedure for the repair o the big postoperative fistulac.

Follow up in this series is for the period varying from of 4 months to 5 years and all the fistulae except one were successtully closed.

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