DOI: 10.1097/dss.0000000000004113 ISSN: 1076-0512

Comparing Cosmetic Outcomes of Straight-Line Versus W-Plasty Techniques for Linear Postauricular Wound Closure: A Randomized Evaluator Blind Split-Scar Trial

Mehrnaz Mehrzad, Alison S. Kang, April W. Armstrong, Daniel B. Eisen
  • Dermatology
  • General Medicine
  • Surgery


Surgeons' opinions vary on the cosmetic outcome of straight-line (SL) versus broken-line (W-plasty) closure methods. To date, no studies have compared the 2 techniques in the split-scar design model that resolves the confounding individual patient factors that affects the scar outcome.


Compare outcomes and wound cosmesis with SL versus W-plasty closure techniques.


This clinical trial was conducted with 50 linear surgical wounds randomized to SL closure on half and W-plasty on the other half. At 3 months, patients and 2 masked observers evaluated each scar using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (Patient Observer Scar Assessment Scale [POSAS]).


The mean (SD) sum of the POSAS observer component scores were 16.6 (6.18) for the SL side and 15.5 (6.37) for the W-plasty side (p = .49). The mean (SD) sum of the POSAS patient scores were 14.4 (6.8) in SL and 15.1 (8.2) in W-plasty (p = .59). The mean (SD) complications were 0.08 (0.06) for SL and 0.02 (0.14) for W-plasty (p = .18).


No statistically significant difference in wound cosmesis or complications was noted between SL versus W-plasty closure techniques. Surgeons may want to consider whether the extra time involved in placing zigzag W-plasty lines is worthwhile.

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