DOI: 10.1177/01423312231190194 ISSN:

Robust dynamic output feedback predictive control for discrete uncertain systems with time-varying delays

Shiqi Wang, Hui Li, Hua Li, Huiyuan Shi, Qiubai Sun, Ping Li
  • Instrumentation

A robust dynamic output feedback predictive control approach is developed for a discrete system with time-varying delays, unknown external disturbances, and unmeasurable states. First, the discrete system is transformed into an incremental state deviation model. Based on this model, a novel tracking deviation feedback model is established by extending the output tracking error. Then, a robust predictive control law, possessing more degrees of freedom, is designed. The closed-loop model is further given in conjunction with the feedback model. Second, by using the linear matrix inequality (LMI) method, relaxation technique, and variable transformation method, a less conservative stability condition is given in LMI form, which allows the controller to tolerate a greater range of time-varying delays. The gains of the control law are acquired by solving the stability condition, and the control performance can be significantly enhanced. Finally, by utilizing the TTS20 water tank as a simulation case, the viability and effectiveness of the proposed method are demonstrated.

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