DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adi0214 ISSN:

Rh 19 : A high-spin super-octahedron cluster

Yuhan Jia, Cong-Qiao Xu, Chaonan Cui, Lijun Geng, Hanyu Zhang, Yang-Yang Zhang, Shiquan Lin, Jiannian Yao, Zhixun Luo, Jun Li
  • Multidisciplinary

Probing atomic clusters with magic numbers is of supreme importance but challenging in cluster science. Pronounced stability of a metal cluster often arises from coincident geometric and electronic shell closures. However, transition metal clusters do not simply abide by this constraint. Here, we report the finding of a magic-number cluster Rh 19 − with prominent inertness in the sufficient gas-collision reactions. Photoelectron spectroscopy experiments and global-minimum structure search have determined the geometry of Rh 19 − to be a regular O h ‑[Rh@Rh 12 @Rh 6 ] with unusual high-spin electronic configuration. The distinct stability of such a strongly magnetic cluster Rh 19 − consisting of a nonmagnetic element is fully unveiled on the basis of its unique bonding nature and superatomic states. The 1-nanometer–sized O h -Rh 19 − cluster corresponds to a fragment of the face-centered cubic lattice of bulk rhodium but with altered magnetism and electronic property. This cluster features exceptional electron-spin state isomers confirmed in photoelectron spectra and suggests potential applications in atomically precise manufacturing involving spintronics and quantum computing.

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