Madi El-Haj, Tal Eliav, Sofia A. Vorobeitchik, Azraq Yusef, Yakov Fellig, Ori Safran

Rare Median Nerve and Digital Nerve Tumor Resection and Distal Nerve Transfers

  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Surgery

Cases: We present 2 cases of median nerve reconstruction using distal nerve transfers after resection of unusual benign median nerve tumors. Critical sensation was restored in case 1 by transferring the fourth common digital nerve to first web digital nerves. Thumb opposition was regained by transferring the abductor digiti minimi ulnar motor nerve branch to the recurrent median motor nerve branch. Critical sensation was restored in case 2 by transferring the long finger ulnar digital nerve to the index finger radial digital nerve. Conclusion: Distal nerve transfers, even with short grafts, are reliable median nerve deficit treatments, sparing the need for larger autologous nerve grafts and late tendon opponensplasties.

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