DOI: 10.1177/09564624231218759 ISSN: 0956-4624

Pseudotumoral herpes genitalis in a woman living with HIV: Diagnosis and treatment challenges

María V. Tomaino, Macarena Sanchez Costantini, Carmen T. Alfaro
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Pharmacology (medical)
  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Dermatology

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is the leading cause of genital ulcers worldwide. In rare cases, mostly among immunocompromised hosts, HSV infections can present as hypertrophic pseudotumoral forms simulating malignancies or often mistaken as other viral infections, usually resistant to conventional antiviral therapy and often requiring alternative therapeutic approaches. A high level of clinical suspicion is needed. We present a case of woman living with HIV with pseudotumoral vulvar herpes refractory to oral acyclovir, successfully treated with systemic foscarnet and topical imiquimod.

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