DOI: 10.3390/ijtpp8040052 ISSN: 2504-186X

Numerical Modelling of the 3D Unsteady Flow of an Inlet Particle Separator for Turboshaft Engines

Marco Castaldi, Ignacio Mayo, Jacques Demolis, Frank Eulitz
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering and Power Technology
  • Aerospace Engineering

Helicopter and turboprop engines are susceptible to the ingestion of debris and other foreign objects, especially during take-off, landing, and hover. To avoid deleterious effects, filters such as Inlet Particle Separators (IPS) can be installed. However, the performance and limitations of these systems have to be investigated before the actual equipment can be installed in the aircraft powerplant. In this paper, we propose different numerical methods with increasing resolution in order to provide an aerodynamic characterization of the IPS, i.e., from a simple semi-empirical model to 3D large eddy simulation. We validate these numerical tools that could aid IPS design using experimental data in terms of global parameters such as separation efficiency and pressure losses. For each of those tools, we underline weaknesses and potential benefits in industry practices. Unsteady flow analysis reveals that detached eddy simulation is the trade-off choice that allows designers to most effectively plan experimental campaigns and mitigate risks.

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