Polina Baranova

Multi-stakeholder networks as learning settings towards pro-environmental entrepreneurship: Learning through the diversity and policy–practice interface

  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Business and International Management

The article explores the value of stakeholder diversity for learning towards pro-environmental entrepreneurship in multi-stakeholder networks (MSNs). Networks are viewed as entrepreneurial learning settings where stakeholder diversity frames the access to knowledge, practice and stakeholder dialogues. A qualitative case study research design is used to explore the experiences of learning towards pro-environmental entrepreneurship across 15 organisations as part of a well-established MSN with over 140 members operating in the Midlands. Stakeholder dialogues are identified as a significant feature of the MSN and reveal the policy–practice interface. The article shows how learning in MSNs is informed by the policy–practice interface, and as such expose the policy–practice gap and orient entrepreneurial behaviour. A view of an MSN as a dynamic learning system that brings together, often conflicting, agendas of environmental stakeholders and supports development of pro-environmental entrepreneurshipas a pathway to sustainable regional development is argued. Policy makers and business support agencies are advised to pay a close attention to MSNs as mechanisms for the development of entrepreneurial activity which is policy attuned, practice informed and environmental sustainability oriented.

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