DOI: 10.1002/sres.2969 ISSN:

LOGOSOFIA: A platform for deliberative co‐construction of intersubjective consensual realities

Jeff Diedrich, Alexander Christakis, Maria Kakoulaki
  • Information Systems and Management
  • Strategy and Management
  • General Social Sciences


In this paper, we revisit lessons learned regarding the process of Structured Dialogic Design in the arena during the past 50 years. Thirteen Lessons are presented with the intent of helping stakeholders design a strategy for escaping the labyrinth (vicious cycle) produced by the strong interactions among three issues: (1) the critical role of inclusive deliberative dialogue; (2) the dependency of inclusive deliberative dialogue on the application of a systemic methodology for supporting its authentic implementation; and (3) the commitment by organizations to inclusive deliberative dialogue. This paper will also discuss the development and deployment of Logosifa, the latest software platform to support the process and the enhancements (including improved metrics and a facilitator dashboard) informed by the lessons learned.

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