DOI: 10.3390/systems11090452 ISSN:

Bibliometric Analysis of a Product–Service System’s Rebound Effect: Identification of a Potential Mitigation Strategy

Salman Alfarisi, Yuya Mitake, Yusuke Tsutsui, Hanfei Wang, Yoshiki Shimomura
  • Information Systems and Management
  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Software

A product–service system (PSS) is a concept concerning sustainability, as it offers the opportunity to decouple economic success from material consumption, thereby reducing the environmental impact of economic activities. However, researchers have identified significant barriers frequently impeding sustainability potential, which are called rebound effects. Unfortunately, the existing studies are insufficient, and there are few published studies on the actual avoidance of the rebound effect, which is a significant limitation for practical applications for decision-makers and policymakers. Therefore, this study aims to conduct a comprehensive bibliometric review of the relationship between the rebound effect and PSSs, including its drivers and mitigation strategies. This study incorporates multiple perspectives to map and analyze the landscape of rebound effect research in the context of PSSs and used 152 articles from a systematic literature review covering all publication years. Using the Scopus and Web of Science database, journals, citations, authors, and keywords were identified. This study identified the annual trend of research, listed the most influential articles, and uncovered six research topic clusters related to the rebound effect and PSSs. As an innovative feature of this study, it categorised the identified drivers based on their contextual dependencies to elucidate their interrelationships. This study also presents a categorisation of mitigation strategies based on the type of approach. This study is expected to support decision-makers and practitioners in developing sustainable PSS implementation strategies.

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