DOI: 10.1002/hed.27672 ISSN: 1043-3074

Intraoperative hybrid technique for excision of temporal bone paraganglioma: A case report

Roee Noy, Ido Livneh, Yaniv Zohar, Eitan Abergel, Yona Vaisbuch
  • Otorhinolaryngology



Temporal bone paragangliomas are vascularized neoplasms. Although preoperative angioembolization serves as a valuable approach to reduce intraoperative blood loss, it comes with an elevated risk of cranial neuropathies, offers no assurance of complete hemostasis, and precludes real‐time adjustments during surgery.


A 74‐year‐old patient presented with recurrent episodes of ear bleeding. On examination, a vascular lesion obstructed her external auditory canal. It had the clinical and radiological characteristics of a paraganglioma. Angiography revealed that it had three feeding vessels.


The patient was successfully scheduled for hybrid, intraoperative angiography and temporary balloon occlusion of the feeding vessels supplying the lesion instead of preoperative angioembolization.


Utilizing hybrid intraoperative angiography with temporary balloon occlusion during the surgical removal of temporal bone paragangliomas represents an innovative technique that reduces the risk of permanent cranial neuropathies while providing the capacity for real‐time adjustments and improved hemostasis.

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